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Best Racing Game ever with approximately 250 Million downloads! Try to build your own Bridge by competing with others for collectible blocks! You should look out for potential looters.
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Sep 1, 2022
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Bridge Race Mod Apk Latest (Unlimited Money / Coins)

Bridge Race, by Supersonic Studios Ltd., provides its users with plenty of exciting and unique gameplay experiences that make it worthy of playing multiple times. The game’s uniqueness comes from the fact that it combines many different popular game styles, such as racing games, obstacle course games, and tower defense games, in one complete package. However, if you are going to buy the game or have bought it previously, you should know what to expect from the gameplay of Bridge Race to decide whether or not it is worth your time and money spent on it.

The popularity of this game can be guessed by the figures that it has been downloaded from Google Playstore more than 100 million times. Read more here.

Bridge Race Apk

Bridge Race is an innovative, one-of-a-kind arcade game that is unlike anything you have seen before. The main objective in the game is to guide your character across the screen using tilt controls so he does not fall off the edge of the bridge. Along the way, you must avoid obstacles and hurdles that will make it difficult for you to successfully reach your destination. You have to build your bridge by collecting blocks as well.

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Each time you play, you will encounter different obstacles and hazards. To complete a level, you must not only successfully guide your character to his destination, but also collect stars along the way. The more stars you collect, the higher your score.

Bridge Race Mod Apk 3

How to Play

In Bridge Race Mod Apk, you have to build your bridge by collecting blocks as well. You will have to dodge cars and other obstacles as you make your way across the bridge. At the end of each level, there is an obstacle course with 20 new blocks that are just waiting for you to collect them to build your bridge. The game has 64 levels and they get progressively harder as you go along. It can be frustrating because it takes time to collect all of the blocks and you often run out right before making it to the next level. It also costs five dollars for removing ads which feels like too much money for this type of game.

Does it offer anything unique?

Bridge Race Mod Apk is an interesting take on the classic racing game formula. Bridge Race features two lanes where you need to guide your car across dangerous roads while avoiding obstacles and other vehicles. It’s not just an endless runner, it’s also an endless racer! The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases, but as with all games of this nature, I would recommend playing without them first to see if you enjoy the game before spending any money on it.

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More than 1000 Levels

Bridge Race Mod Apk starts in easy mode but quickly moves to harder difficulties. There are over 1000 levels in the game, with each level becoming progressively more difficult. The player’s objective is to get their car from one side of the screen to the other while avoiding obstacles such as buses and trucks. The player has three chances before they lose a life and must restart the level. Players will have to be quick on their feet because every time they play, the obstacles move faster than before.

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Bridge Race Mod Apk can be played with one hand, so players don’t have to worry about holding their devices while they play. The graphics are simple but entertaining, and it’s easy to see what is happening on-screen even during fast gameplay. To get through a level successfully, players must learn how to time when they press on their screen to jump obstacles or get into narrow spaces.

Collect Items to build Bridge

The goal of the Bridge Race Mod Apk is to collect as many items as possible and build a bridge. The objective can be completed by using your finger to swipe left, right, up, or down on the screen to move your character around. You will need to collect bridges to build up your bridge and cross gaps.

To start you have one bridge piece that is unlocked when you first start playing. This will allow you to cross one gap before running out of pieces.

As you progress in level, you will get more pieces which will allow you to build more bridges. Five different pieces can be used to complete your bridge, and they have their unique features.

Customize Character and Blocks

You can customize the color of characters and blocks in Bridge Race Mod Apk. Unlike other games, you can also customize the speed of the game by changing it from easy to hard. The graphics are cartoon-like and realistic. There are no ads in the game so you can play uninterrupted. And even though it is an easy game, it’s still fun to play for hours on end.

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Unlock Bundles in the game to Win Prizes

To incentivize users, Supersonic Studios Ltd. has included a variety of unlockable bundles in the game to win prizes. The prizes include Amazon gift cards and Google Play gift cards with values ranging from $1-$25. Prizes can be unlocked by completing specific tasks in-game or by spending an allotted amount of coins on additional items (which are also used for unlocking). The more you play and spend, the more prizes you will unlock.


Bridge Race Mod Apk is free to download and play, but users can spend money on additional in-game items if they want to make their gameplay experience even more fun. You can find out how much each item costs by tapping on it in-game, or you can go directly to Google Play or Amazon and purchase it outright. If you do choose to buy additional coins or items using real money, you have 30 minutes from when your purchase is completed to start spending that currency for prizes in-game.

Road Map

Overall, Bridge Race Mod Apk is a physics-based game in which the player must navigate falling blocks across an obstacle course. The objective of the game is to get from one end of the map to the other without falling off, or to push all of the blocks into their respective finish spaces.

Bridge Race Mod Apk is played using touchscreen controls, allowing players to tap and drag their fingers across obstacles to move them.

The player’s on-screen avatar can only push blocks in one direction, meaning that objects must be nudged around corners and carefully lined up with finish spaces. To aid in navigation, players have access to an x-ray mode that shows an outline of where objects will land when they fall. Unlike other games with similar mechanics, Bridge Race uses three dimensions instead of two.

Compete others

We’re going to take a comprehensive look at Bridge Race, and what it has to offer players. Bridge Race Mod Apk is an android game developed by Supersonic Studios Ltd. The game is free but offers in-app purchases of points. There are three modes in the game; Free Play, Time Trial, and Memory Match. The first mode allows for unlimited play, where the player can choose their level of difficulty and how many levels they want to play before exiting the mode.

Bridge Race Mod Apk

Bridge Race (MOD, Limitless Cash) – Fun arcade test system for android will take players to little brilliant areas. The quintessence of the game is. to get to the end goal first, for this you need to gather all the trash that is dispersed all through the battleground, likewise remember to involve little deceives through pushing rivals, this will bring multiply your score, yet in addition dialing back your adversaries. It ought to likewise be noticed that there is a wide assortment of customization components that you can apply to your inclinations, and a great assortment of game areas won’t allow you to get exhausted!

Bridge Race Apk is available for download on Google Play store but you have to pay $6 to download it. Besides, you have to purchase some items from the in-app store which cost you more than $2 per item. To avoid paying such costs, we offer a solution. Download Bridge Race Mod Apk from our website. It has everything unlocked for you at no cost.

Features of Bridge Race Mod Apk

There are the following features of Bridge Race Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked All Level
  • Free From Ads
  • Everything Unlocked

Final Thoughts

Bridge Race is a game that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It takes full advantage of the touch screen and offers an entertaining experience with plenty of replay ability. Bridge Race Mod Apk has the potential to become one of my favorite games of all time.

I enjoyed my time with Bridge Race Mod Apk and I think it would be an excellent choice for any gamer. There’s so much you can do in-game without having to spend any additional money which makes it perfect for people who are into freemium games. No matter what kind of game player you are, there is something here for everyone.


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💥 Unlimited Money

💥 Unlocked All Premium Feature

💥 Unlimited Coins

💥 Unlocked All Level

💥 Free From Ads

💥 Everything Unlocked


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