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The original idle game where you bake cookies to rule the universe!
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Cookie Clicker is a casual game with a simple objective: get money by clicking on cookies.

Your goal in the game is to earn Score and Cookies to buy upgrades for your cookie empire. You can also upgrade your castle, which gives you more space and better defense against new monsters that appear as you progress in the game.

Cookie Clicker Video game is an addictive and fun game that you can play on your computer or mobile phones. The game consists of different levels and there are many different features to unlock.

You need to click on the cookie, then you will get money. You can buy more cookies or buy new upgrades for your base, if you have enough money. The more cookies you have, the faster it will grow and this will make your base bigger. You can make multiple bases in one map, so that everyone can help each other out and be stronger together.

The game has a lot of different upgrades that you can buy with your cookie money. These upgrades will help you get more money faster than before by giving you more experience points for every level that you complete in a certain amount of time. These experience points are used for buying new upgrades for your base such as extra speed, strength or defense etc.



In the beginning, you click the cookie, which gives you 1 cookie.

After 15 clicks, you get a “ CURSOR” that clicks for you and makes cookies automatically.


10 cursors make 1 COOKIE per second (CpS)

With the help of these Cursors, you make more and more cookies.

After 100 cookies, you get your first GRANDMA.


Grandma makes delicious cookies for you without any wages that become famous all over town.

This increases your sales of cookies. You have then to produce more cookies to meet the demand.

For this purpose, you buy COOKIE FARMS to grow cookies.


Mines to extract cookies from the earth.


You buy factories to produce cookies on industrial scale.


The cookie economy dramatically changes the world around it.

When cookies become so popular, some newspapers spread fake news that Cookie Farms are polluting the river with harmful chocolate.

Similarly, cookie factories are making cookies that make you fat.

But economists reject this theory and say that Cookies permeates the economy. Eating anything else will cause all of us to die.

Keeping in view the reputation of the Cookies, BANKS start using them as Currency.

cooki-clicker-banks (1)

At temples, people pray for the owners and producers of cookies. They all have only one thing in mind…”The Cookie”.


You build WIZARD TOWERS and ALCHEMY LABS to produce hundreds of thousands of cookies magically.

cooki-clicker-wizard tower

You arrange shipments from ALIEN WORLD through Space Planets.


You open PORTALS to arrange Millions of cookies from COOKIEVERSE.

This attracts SACRED GODS towards your cookies and they come to taste them.

Once again, rumors are in the local news, saying” All this cookie stuff is a bit ominous”.

You, the decide to buy a “ TIME Machine” that brings cookies from the past in the raw form.


You continue to make cookies from:

The Antimatter


The Prism


The Chancemaker



You make cookies from the Fractal Engine that multiply cookies to produce more and more cookies.



Now, you are able to produce Trillions of cookies per second and this is the beginning of a new universe. A universe in which everything is converted either into Cookies Dough or into means of producing cookies.


Now your cookies have achieved sentience. The only escape from this cosmic cookie machine is DEATH.


But if you are ready to leave this cookie world, another cookie world is waiting for you with heavenly upgrades.

You are re-born into a new game with zero cookies.


But you keep certain bonuses and upgrades to help you reach where you were before.

So, we can say that COOKIE WORLD CYCLE revolves around:




Cookie Clicker is idle game. This means you need not to click cookies every time. Instead you just leave the game to run in the background. The cookie machine and Grandma do all the work for you.

You can then come and spend some cookies on important upgrades.

In the early game stage, this playstyle is efficient. Upgrades like GOLDEN SWITCH and SHIMMERING VEIL boost CpS.



But in the late game stage, the best way to progress is to have an active playstyle.

After every five minutes, a Golden cookies Spawns.


If you click it on time, you a temporary bonus like COOKIE FRENZY, which increase your cookie production by seven times for one minute.


The best effect is called “LUXURIANT HARVEST” in which you build cookie farms. More you build farms, more cookie production per second.


Another upgrade is called “RIGHTEOUS CATACLYSM” in which you put PORTALS together to increase cookie productions by thousand times.


You can unlock more Golden Cookies with the help of “ GRIMOIRE” a mini game unlocked at the Wizard Tower.

One of the Grimoire spells, called “Force the Hand of Fate” summons one golden cookie.


So by manipulating the Mana Pool, by strategically selling the Towers and by spending the Sugar Lumps to replenish MANA, you can cast “Force the Hand of Fate” spell several times in a row, reliably producing three or four golden cookies at once.

If you are lucky and those golden cookies grant Multiple Building Specials, you can generate CpS Multipliers of Millions of times of Regular production, making weeks’ worth of cookies.

To make the most out of these bonuses, you need certain plants from the Cookies Garden.

The Garden grows cookie seeds into Cookie Plants. These plants become Cookie Trees. These evolutionary trees produce new seeds with new effects like Thumbcorn Buffs Clicking and Cheapcap reduce prices.

But the real good one is Bakeberries. When you harvest bakeberries, you get 30 minutes of Cookie Production instantly.


So, if you have got good CpS multiplyer from the Golden cookies, and you harvest Bakeberries, you can make months’ worth of cookies instantly.

You can fill the garden with bakeberries, freeze them at maturity and keep spawning Golden cookies, till you get a huge multiplyer, then harvest all the bakeberries at once to make huge profit.

Alternatively, you can go for the Click Frenzy Golden Cookie Effect, which synergizes the GODZAMOK Pantheon Idol.

Once you have got “Krumblor, The Cookie Dragon” you can some pretty shit things with the DRAGON’S FORTUNE and DRAGONFLIGHT AURAS.

The Cookie Clicker game also includes seasonal events like Christmas. So you can upgrade from an ELF FETUS to a BULKY ELF to ELDER SANTA, and then to FINAL CLAUS, who grants dominion of his realm, and a cheeky 20% CpS bonus.

So the late game involves a variety of strategies for optimal cookie production. But the cookies are not free.

As the production increases, the Grandmas grow discontent.

After the Bingo Center upgrade, and The one mind Tech Tree, the Grandmapocalypse begins which makes everyone scary.


The only way to end Grandmapocalypse is with an ELDER COVENANT- you can sacrifice some economic gain to save everyone.

The grandmapocalypse spawns wrinklers.

Wrinklers leach 5% of CpS, but when you pop them, they give back more than they took.

So, you can increase the economic production by risking the lives of elderly.

Ultimately, the Cookie Economy is not people-oriented.

It is only focused on production of Cookies, like a virus. Its nature is to utilize everything for its expansion.

Grandmas, Banks, Temples and every part of life is meant to serve the purpose of the economy.

Here the question arises, what is the purpose of this massive global econmy, if it fails to protect the lives of elderly Grandmas?

Even though, with the more cookies, do not benefit from the system. You can spend cookies up to a certain level.

And it is not like the game never ends.

You cannot win the Cookie Clicker.

You just keep making cookies until you stop or die.

Actually, the game is not about the cookies. It is about the Accumulation of wealth.

The problem is that a system designed to make cookies is not designed to make wellbeing, justice and happiness.

Any system of endless growth, of singular purpose, that wraps the whole world around one goal- can only grow until it self-destructs.

The only way we can escape such a game is to stop playing.


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