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Loan Calculator IQ is useful for anyone who wishes to take up a mortgage from the bank, an auto loan to purchase a car or simply loan money to a friend.
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Oct 8, 2019
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Download the Loan Calculator IQ Android App (Latest 1.3.8)

Have you ever wondered if you can afford that new car? Or how you’ll be able to cover your child’s tuition next year? The Loan Calculator IQ Android App can help with these questions – and many more!

The popularity of this app can be gauged by the figures that it has been downloaded over One Million times on Google Playstore.


Planning to finance a big purchase or loan? With over 1,000,000 downloads, Loan Calculator IQ Android App is one of the most popular finance apps on Google Play. The app uses real-time interest rates and investment data to provide in-depth insights into your savings goals. Available for both Apple and Android devices, this simple app is perfect for monitoring investments while making financial decisions on the go. It’s time to get smart about money with the Loan Calculator IQ app!

New Features

Introducing Loan Calculator IQ Android App, a new android app that’s revolutionizing how we think about our finances. Whether you’re tracking a car loan, taking out a mortgage, or creating projections for retirement, Loan Calculator IQ has covered you. Here are some highlights:

  • Forget complex spreadsheet calculations, the app does all the math in real-time as you type.
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, so you’ll be on top of your finances in no time.
  • Compatible with over 150 currencies, making international transactions straightforward.
  • Add multiple loans at once with Loan Calculator IQ Android App, making budgeting more effortless than ever before.
  • No Internet connection required – this versatile app saves work even when there’s no Wi-Fi or cellular signal available.
  • Currency conversions and graphing allow users to visualize their data and make better decisions based on actual numbers.
  • Automatically backs up data across devices with iCloud Drive, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • View daily balances, historical values, and graphs in one place to keep track of everythingwith an export feature that makes tax season preparation a breeze, this app is excellent for freelancers and small business owners too.
  • Allows account linking with banks, PayPal, and other financial institutions around the world
  • Track expenses by the day, week or month to see exactly where your money goes Enter transactions manually or import them from third-party apps like Mint and Intuit Quicken
  • An outstanding calculator with standard functions such as rounding up/down, multiplying/dividing, estimating future value, and converting fractions into decimals
  • Fully customizable themes so you can choose the color scheme that suits your mood Comprehensive list of help articles and tutorials that walk you through every aspect of using the app
  • Loan Calculator IQ Android App supports six languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Portuguese

Loan Calculator IQ is compatible with Apple Watch TM to provide quick notifications about incoming payments and repayments. Plus, the Loan Calculator IQ Android App app doesn’t need an internet connection because it saves any changes made offline. Once downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad, it syncs automatically via iCloud Drive across all devices with your iTunes account. There’s also support for accounts linked to banks, PayPal, and other financial institutions worldwide. In short, Loan Calculator IQ Android App Android App is one of the best loan calculators in the world.

Launch Trailer

Most people know that one of the main benefits of a loan is that they receive money upfront. A more significant benefit, however, is that loans allow consumers to buy products or pay for expenses without worrying about dipping into their savings accounts. Now there’s a new way to do this with less fuss and keep track of what your balance looks like at any given time: Introducing Loan Calculator IQ for Android App! With an intuitive design and easy-to-read interface, Loan Calculator IQ makes budgeting even more straightforward. We hope you enjoy using it!

Main Screen

The app features a sleek and simple design, making data entry a breeze. The company has designed it with simplicity to make using this tool easy for anyone.

Helpful in Sustaining Financial Stress

One way that this app reduces stress is by providing automatic amortization tables. These tables are not included in most traditional loan calculator programs, but here they are automatically generated based on user input data. To calculate the monthly payment, simply enter the balance amount (initial value), interest rate (annual percentage), number of months (term), and payment frequency. To find out what your future payments will be, just enter any three values: initial value, interest rate, or several months. With just a few taps on your smartphone screen, Loan Calculator IQ Android App can provide you with all the information needed to make intelligent financial decisions.

Saving & Budgeting

You only need a free app, some numbers, and a little organization to create a successful budget. To get started with this hands-on task, open up the app (using your email address) on whichever device you’re most comfortable with and enter in any data that will be necessary to complete this process. You’ll need four essential pieces of information: income, expenses, goals, and emergency fund.

You should enter your income into the Income tab. For example, if you have $5,000 coming in every month from your job, type 5500 into the corresponding box. You should track your expenses in the Expenses tab. One of these is rent; if you pay $2,000 each month for an apartment near work or school, input 2000 into that corresponding box.

The Goals tab helps you stay focused by tracking what’s important to you right now, such as saving for retirement or taking care of outstanding debt. The Emergency Fund tab provides a list of emergency fund types and their associated interest rates so you can compare your choices before deciding which works best for your needs. Once everything has been filled out, click Calculate at the bottom of the screen, and voila! A detailed breakdown appears on the net detailing where your money goes each month.

Repayment Planner

When we start, debt repayment is an issue. When considering our repayments, we must determine what is affordable for us every month. One way to do this is to calculate our repayments with our Monthly Income and expenses. Loan Calculator IQ Android App allows you to enter your income, expected expenses (i.e., food), debt repayments for loans, etc., and then will enable you to compare different repayment plans to find a solution that works for your current financial situation! What if I want to change my repayment plan? It’s easy enough to switch between different types of repayment plans, such as:

  • Fixed monthly payment a fixed amount each month
  • Incomebased repaymenta percentage of your income based on your loan balance, interest rate, and other factors
  • Graduated repaymentthe first few years have lower payments while they increase later on in the plan
  • Standard amortizationequal payments over time Capped pay-back, pay-off more at the beginning than the end, giving you a quicker payoff time
  • Modified amortizationpay more than the minimum required payment when possible and make one lump sum at the end of the term.

These options are available through Loan Calculator IQ Android App by clicking on View/Change Plan.

Final Words

Our financial system may be changing, but there are still a lot of people who need loans. In that case, an app like this is convenient. It’s simple to use and helps give you a better understanding of what those debts could cost in terms of interest. A great way to take charge before it’s too late.

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How to install Download the Loan Calculator IQ Android App (Latest 1.3.8) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Download the Loan Calculator IQ Android App (Latest 1.3.8) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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