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Web App FIFA 22 is a fantastic app that allows soccer fans to watch and rewatch their favorite soccer games in depth. From rewatching classic finals to seeing big goals from favorite players, FIFA+ is filled with a ton of awesome content. One of my favorite features is being able to see other soccer news like events and scores from around the world. If you’re a fan of The Beautiful Game, then I would recommend downloading FIFA Web.App. Also, it’s completely free and for FIFA 22 Update you must download it.
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FIFA Companion App: Your Ultimate Source for Soccer

Intro to FIFA Companion App

In the world of soccer, there’s no time like the present to get involved with the game, whether that’s playing yourself or simply following the action as it unfolds on TV or online. After all, today’s soccer players can often become tomorrow’s national heroes, so this is your chance to get acquainted with them while they’re still relatively unknown… If you’ve recently updated your FIFA 22 app to include Web App functionality, and you’re not sure what you should do next, then read on to discover some of the new features that have been added.

The popularity of this game can be ascertained by the fact that it has been downloaded from Google Play more than 10 million times. Read more here.

FIFA Companion App

What is FIFA?

If you’re looking for football in today’s digital age, then FIFA is a great place to start. FIFA provides an interactive way to connect with other people through its mobile app and website. EA SPORTS created the FIFA Companion App and it can be used on any Android or iOS device. It is completely free to download from either of these platforms. From your phone, you will be able to follow news and stories about international leagues, including England, Italy, France, and Germany.

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The FIFA Companion app can be used to follow English Premier League news, which includes player and team stats. You can also watch live games and rewatch older ones with extended footage. View recently played matches in real-time as they occur or check out weekly highlights and replays of past matches. You’ll even have access to a complete list of all available soccer clubs, along with their detailed profiles.

FIFA also has a FIFA 22 Companion App that is available to download from either Google Play or Apple’s app store. This app can be used to follow up-to-date soccer stats about your favorite players and teams, along with upcoming fixtures and rankings lists of leagues around the world.

What is a FIFA Companion App?

The FIFA 22 Companion App is an official FIFA football companion app developed by FIFA that allows users to rewatch iconic games, discover untold stories of their favorite soccer players, or just keep updated with football world news as it happens. The ultimate source for all things soccer, go to when you want to learn more about your favorite players or teams and rewatch some of their best moments on YouTube.

The FIFA Companion App is free and is available to download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The app provides users with an overview of what’s new in FIFA, as well as alerts for key moments and highlights throughout every match.

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The current version of the Web App FIFA 22 was released on October 31st, 2018; which featured an overhaul to its interface. Using a new dark color scheme, it presents a cleaner design that makes it easier to see all your favorite soccer moments or news about your teams.

The History of FIFA Web.App

The history of FIFA Companion App should be a little more complicated. Let’s start with 2013 when a game called FIFA 14 was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Then we skip ahead to 2014 where another version of FIFA was released – but only on PS4 and Xbox One – entitled FIFA 15.

After that, we’re into 2015 when EA Sports released two new versions of FIFA simultaneously on September 18th. One was a slightly revamped version of FIFA 15 called FIFA 16 (available on PS4 and Xbox One) while another version was developed especially for Microsoft Windows called FIFA 16 Legacy Edition. The last piece in the puzzle is 2016 when EA Sports released an additional game on mobile devices called FIFA Mobile – available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

In 2017, EA Sports released yet another version of FIFA – titled FIFA 18. The game is available on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One as well as Microsoft Windows. Although it’s not currently available on mobile devices, we think it won’t be long before you can download FIFA 18 onto your iPhone or iPad. You can download FIFA 17 though.

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We’ve covered a lot here and it can seem a bit confusing – but if you bear in mind that FIFA 15, FIFA 16, and FIFA 17 are all pretty much identical except they work on different platforms, then it becomes a lot easier to follow. As of now (September 2017), EA Sports hasn’t released an updated version of FIFA 18 but we expect that to change over time. We’ll keep you posted!

User Interface & Main Features

FIFA+ has a straightforward user interface with a smooth and responsive user experience. The FIFA 22 Companion app does a good job of bringing together all kinds of data into one app, including current team rankings, stats, social media posts, and the latest news. The website design is modern enough to attract an audience that is keen on soccer. While there is not much in terms of main features on offer by FIFA+, it’s mainly used as an information hub rather than an entertainment service.

Let’s take a closer look at how FIFA+ works and what it offers in terms of features. The home screen features a news ticker with top stories from around the world and it cycles through more than just soccer-related news – you will also find movies, gadgets and music featured on FIFA+. Some videos are posted regularly to keep viewers up to date with major events as they unfold. The website allows users to create their profiles, connect with other users, and connect with their favorite teams.

On FIFA+ you’ll find everything you need to stay up to date with your favorite soccer players and teams. There are videos and photos of all major events, including those that may be missed by others. The website design is modern enough to attract an audience that is keen on soccer and it does a good job of bringing together information from all kinds of different sources in one place. You can add FIFA+ to your home screen on mobile or play in the browser on the desktop.

FIFA+ is a good app if you are looking to stay up to date with what is happening in soccer and don’t mind watching ads to get information. There is plenty of content, including videos and photos, available on FIFA+. The design is modern enough to attract an audience that is keen on soccer. If you are a football fan or just love watching videos about sports then FIFA+ might be worth checking out.

Exclusive Features Only Found in the Mobile App

GameStream – Watch replays of top-tier football games from around the world as they’re broadcast live.

Inbox Notifications – Get match notifications and enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes action from your favorite teams and players.

Match details – Enjoy live scores, team lineups, game stats, goal highlights, and more.

Recent Activity Feed – Check out videos and pictures about your favorite players posted by fans around the globe.

Latest News – Read up on all thing’s soccer with our curated news feed.

Team Stats & Rankings – Track the performance of every club in leagues across Europe, South America, and North America. Chat with friends in real-time during matches with our built-in chat feature.

Player Profiles – Learn everything there is to know about current and past stars of European football.

Live Streaming Matches – Watch live streams of premier European competitions such as La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and more! (Subscription required)

Customizable app themes – Choose between light and dark colors for a personalized look.

Customizable push notifications – Customize which types of content you receive so that you never miss a beat when it comes to what’s happening in football.

Hands-free mode – Stay updated on the latest news while using other apps or while walking down busy streets without having to constantly check your phone screen!

Offline viewing – Catch up on the news, match data, and player profiles even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Video playlists – Relive iconic moments in sports history by watching full highlight reels featuring some of the best goals scored throughout history!

Compete against friends – Compare how many points you’ve accumulated against those of your buddies. The more points you earn, the higher your ranking will be amongst your friends’ list.

Gameplay & Graphics

The FIFA mobile web app is extremely fast and responsive. The game runs smoothly, even when playing against live opponents. Animations of players running passes being made and goals scored are all looking. And it looks just as great on your smartphone screen as it does on your computer monitor. A feature that has yet to be implemented in 3D graphics, but they have promised they’re coming in 2017.

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Gameplay and graphics are probably what most people care about, and it’s one area where the FIFA has no room for improvement. The game runs smoothly on all devices; even low-end ones. Matchmaking is extremely quick so there is never a wait time to start playing with friends or online opponents.

The user interface is very clean and easy to navigate. It’s nearly identical to what you would find on a PS4 or Xbox One controller. The only difference is that it runs in portrait mode instead of landscape.

It has all of your favorite modes from previous FIFA titles, but you’re limited to one league and one stadium. So if you want to play with Barcelona, you have to do so at Camp Nou and use La Liga as your league option. This is disappointing because it limits what you can do in terms of gameplay. However, there are plans in place to add more leagues and stadiums over time. And since there are no microtransactions, it won’t cost them anything extra to add more content over time. The controls are very easy to learn and don’t take long before you feel comfortable using them on your smartphone screen or computer monitor.

Largest Collection of Soccer Videos

FIFA Companion App has the largest collection of online international soccer videos. You can enjoy hundreds of thousands of thrilling moments that occur during matches. With FIFA 22, you will never miss any moment again. You can re-watch iconic games and discover untold stories of your favorite players, all while streaming current news, live games, match data, etc.

Behind the Scenes

Web App FIFA 22 offers an in-depth look at how football is entertaining fans around the world. Experience exclusive interviews with global stars, fans, and influencers, as well as a wide variety of featured media from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to YouTube and more. For FIFA 22 Update, Follow FIFA’s official hashtag #FIFAFootballAwards.


Web App FIFA 22 is a fantastic app that allows soccer fans to watch and re-watch their favorite soccer games in depth. From re-watching classic finals to seeing big goals from favorite players, FIFA+ is filled with a ton of awesome content. One of my favorite features is being able to see other soccer news like events and scores from around the world. If you’re a fan of The Beautiful Game, then I would recommend downloading FIFA Web.App. Also, it’s completely free and for FIFA 22 Update you must download it.

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