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Everyone wants to make great videos, but a lot of them don’t know how. Everyone also wants to edit their own videos, but most of them simply don’t have that kind of skill. Luckily there are video editing apps on phones that make it easy to do just that without a degree in film school.
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There are lots of video editor apps out there, but most are either over-complicated or seriously lacking in features. But Kinemaster MOD APK has something that the others don’t—great editing tools and an interface that’s easy to use, so even beginners can create high-quality videos with ease! With these seven features, you’ll find that Kinemaster stands out from the crowd of video editing apps and deserves to be your new go-to video editor app on Android.


Everyone wants to make great videos, but a lot of them don’t know how. Everyone also wants to edit their own videos, but most of them simply don’t have that kind of skill. Luckily there are video editing apps on phones that make it easy to do just that without a degree in film school. Here are some pros and cons to using an android app as opposed to desktop software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

Kinemaster MOD APK

It’s Free:

Most video editor apps offer free trials with paid versions starting at $5-10 per month (with pro features). Some can be used for free if you pay for an upgrade to ad-free versions. Desktop programs usually start at $50+ and go up from there.

You Can Edit On The Go:

Editing your videos when you’re out and about instead of waiting until you get home means less time wasted when inspiration strikes.

Easy To Use Interface:

You may not need all those fancy transitions, graphics and effects found in professional level video editors because sometimes simple is better.

No Installation Needed:

All these apps are mobile so they don’t require installation—just download one, create an account and start editing!

Huge Library Of Music And Sound Effects:

Professional level software often has restrictions against adding third party content, but many apps allow you to choose music and sound effects right within your project.

What Makes a Video Good?

There are many factors to consider when creating a video, such as genre and story. When creating a video with your smartphone, it’s important to keep in mind that low-quality footage won’t take you very far. It can be tempting to film on auto-mode, or hold your device up in one hand while recording with another, but these tricks won’t work well for something you want to make look good.

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Even though smartphones have become more advanced over time, they still aren’t comparable to professional cameras. The best way to create a high-quality video is by using a tripod and holding your phone as steady as possible. If you don’t have access to a tripod, try placing your phone against an object that will keep it steady, like on top of a stack of books or magazines.

You may also want to invest in a gimbal if you plan on filming action shots. A gimbal is a stabilizing mount that keeps your camera level no matter how much movement there is, which allows you to get some truly impressive shots. While filming outdoors during daytime hours is generally considered ideal, shooting at night is sometimes necessary—especially if you want to capture certain landscapes or landmarks.

However, filming at night isn’t easy; light from cars and street lamps can cause glare on your screen, so use lighting effects (like those offered by Filmora) to reduce harsh lighting effects.

The Benefits of Using Kinemaster

You might be thinking there are already a million video editing apps available on Google Play, why should I bother downloading another one?. Well, in a world where you can do almost anything from your smartphone or tablet PC, it only makes sense that you would want to edit your videos right there on your mobile device. With Kinemaster MOD APK ’s intuitive interface and impressive set of features, now you can. Try it today!

Kinemaster MOD APK 2

Editing Your Footage with Kinemaster MOD APK

You can download Kinemaster MOD APK or Kinemaster Pro MOD APK from our website. Once you’ve installed it, open up your gallery, navigate to your videos, and select one. You’ll be brought to a screen with three tabs: Slo-mo Mode, Timelapse Mode and Slow Motion. Each one has its own features; we will go over them below. Enjoy!

Slo-Mo Mode:

If you are planning on shooting any type of slow motion video, you should try out Kinemaster MOD APK ’s slo-mo mode. It allows you to shoot in 720p (or 1080p if your phone supports it) at 120 frames per second. This is a great feature because most other apps only allow you to shoot at 60 fps. So if you want that buttery smooth slow motion look, then Kinemaster MOD APK  is definitely your best bet.

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Timelapse Mode:

If you want to take some long exposure shots, then timelapse mode might be what you need. In timelapse mode, you can set your desired interval time, which means how often you want your shot to be taken. The longer interval time you choose, the longer your final video will be. For example, if I set my interval time to 1 minute and I have 100 photos taken in total (from 2 minutes), my final timelapse video would be 2 minutes long as well.

10 Cool Features of Kinemaster MOD APK

Comparing with other professional video editor software, Kinemaster MOD APK  can be considered as one of the best applications because it has some amazing features. Let’s have a look at these useful functions and see why they are so good:

1. Trim and cut videos:

You can trim or cut your videos in different ways using Kinemaster MOD APK ; you can also add transition effects between your clips while cutting them.

2. Add text to videos:

You can add texts to your videos by using different fonts and colors in order to highlight something important or make them more attractive; you will also be able to change their size and transparency easily according to your needs.

3. Change brightness, contrast and saturation:

These are three very common elements that every video should include; however, not all video editors allow users to change them easily. With Kinemaster MOD APK , you can do it quickly without needing any technical knowledge about these functions.

4. Import files from external sources:

You can import any file type supported by your device into Kinemaster MOD APK  including MP4 files and MKV files along with high-quality music tracks that will become part of your final project.

5. Special Filters:

Another reason why I prefer Kinemaster MOD APK  over many other video editing apps is because it allows me to apply special filters when I’m done editing my videos. This makes them much more interesting than those created with similar apps; indeed, such programs usually don’t offer advanced editing options that are available within Kinemaster MOD APK.

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6. Uploading to Social Media:

You can easily upload your edited videos to social media platforms or make them available on different websites by using Kinemaster MOD APK  as a video converter.

7. Intuitive Interface:

It has a very intuitive interface and you will be able to master its basic functions in just a few minutes of using it.

8. Built-in Music and Video Player:

Another feature that I like about Kinemaster MOD APK  is that it includes a built-in music player where you can listen to high-quality tracks while creating your videos.

9. Download and Add Music from Youtube:

You can download any song from YouTube and add it to your project without having to pay anything extra.

10. Amazing Support:

Kinemaster MOD APK  comes with an amazing user support service so if you have any issues while using it, you can always get help from their customer service team. If you want to learn more about how these features work, watch some tutorials and read some reviews written by people who have already used Kinemaster MOD APK.

Kinemaster Premium Free Apk | Kinemaster Pro MOD APK

Kinemaster MOD APK  is indeed full of great features and many people are earning their living using this. You can use it free of cost but with limited features. If you want to use Pro features, you have to pay 99 $ per annum. Ah! It’s a huge amount and no one wanna bear cost without a handsome source of income. So if you want to use Pro features, we have a solution. Here is the Kinemaster Pro MOD APK. It has all the features of Pro version including everything unlocked.

❏ Mod info:
● App size decreased
● Magic Remover Fixed
● Fonts issue fixed
● Unlocked premium
● Export issue Fixed
● Extra Languages Removed
● Optimized/Stable Mod
● It doesn’t work on A12

Note: First Uninstall Previous Version Then Install This one.


If you need to create awesome videos, we recommend trying out Kinemaster MOD APK  – it’s free and pretty straightforward. We can assure you that it’s by far one of our favorites! 🙂 The app has a ton of features, works smoothly on all devices and platforms, it has almost every tool you’ll ever need when creating videos. So if you are looking for a video editor that allows quality editing at a great price (free) then look no further than Kinemaster MOD APK .

What's new

KineMaster is more than a video editor!

• A new interface brings KineMaster projects to the Mix Screen
• Discover projects you can download directly to KineMaster on the Search Screen
• Edit KineMaster projects you downloaded, or make something entirely new
• Introducing user accounts to save and interact with KineMaster projects
• Get tips and learn more with in-app tutorials



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