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Exciting platformer that combines the RPG genre with fast-paced action gameplay. Magic Rampage features character customization and dozens of weapons to wield, from knives to magical staves. Each dungeon introduces the player to new obstacles, enemies and secret areas to explore. Search Bonus levels, strive for victory in Survival mode, join forces with friendly NPCs and battle it out in challenging Boss fights.
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Oct 18, 2022
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Magic Rampage Mod Apk (Unlimited Money / Gems)

Asante’s Magic Rampage Apk is an all-new Android game that brings some unique and exciting twists on the classic endless runner formula, resulting in a fast-paced, challenging experience you won’t find anywhere else! This review will take an in-depth look at how Magic Rampage stands out from the crowded field of endless runners, so you can make an informed decision before downloading it yourself.

The popularity of this game can be gauged by the facts that it has been downloaded from Google Play more than ten million times. Read more here.

Magic Rampage Mod Apk

Introduction to Magic Rampage Apk

Magic Rampage Apk is a pixelated arcade game in which you play as a wizard. The game’s goal is to defeat all enemies on the screen by using three spells at your disposal. You will also be awarded coins you can use to purchase upgrades and new spells, making it easier for you to defeat enemies. The controls are straightforward – the left side of your screen is used for casting spells, while the right is used for moving around.

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To launch a spell, tap the corresponding icon on the left side of your screen. There are three spells available – fire, wind, and water. As you progress through the levels and accumulate more coins, you will unlock two more spells – air (which freezes enemies) and earth (which damages them). Your character also has limited mana points determining how often he can cast his magic spells. Once these points have been depleted, you’ll have to wait for them to regenerate before he can resume fighting again.

Intense, Fast-Paced Action

In the game, you are a wizard who can use spells to blast enemies and destroy obstacles. When you start the game, you find yourself in a tutorial that teaches you how to use the various spells. After completing this tutorial, you are dropped into the world of Magic Rampage. There are many types of obstacles and enemies throughout your journey. The enemy types include bosses, mini-bosses, and common enemies.

Mini-bosses have unique patterns that make them more challenging than other enemies. Bosses have very different patterns than the rest of the game, which makes them even more difficult. The battles against these powerful foes require some strategy if you want to come out on top.

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The control scheme is easy to learn and use in Magic Rampage, so it doesn’t take long before you feel comfortable. As you use your magic attacks, you’ll need to constantly think about where the next attack will come from. You’ll also need to consider the spell best suited for each battle situation. For example, ice spells might work better against fire monsters, while lightning spells would be better for water enemies.

The graphics in this game are colorful and detailed, which helps create an immersive experience. Sound effects also add a lot of excitement since they make it seem like you’re in battle!

Amazing Graphics in Magic Rampage Video Game

The first thing you’ll notice about Rampage Games is the graphics. So is in this game. They’re phenomenal! I feel like a wizard fighting in an epic battle when I play. There are many cool-looking creatures, so if you enjoy seeing lots of bright colors and flashy effects, this is a good one for you to try out.

Explore New Weapons

Magic Rampage has a wide variety of weapons for players to choose from, such as swords, axes, and bows. Each weapon provides different advantages and disadvantages best suited for specific situations. For example, the bow can deal significant damage from afar at the cost of being less effective up close. Similarly, swords provide you with more mobility. Still, they do less damage than axes which can be helpful in close-quarters combat.

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Customizable Characters

One of the things I loved about Magic Rampage was the customization aspect. You can choose your character’s gender, race, and appearance, which is fantastic! Not only that, but you can also level them up to improve their stats and then combine items to make new ones. There are many different items in the game, so players will never be bored with what they have!

Varied Gameplay

Magic Rampage is a game about smashing buildings, destroying military vehicles, and battling other monsters. There are three gameplay modes: adventure, survival, and arena. In the adventure mode, players must get from one side of the map to the other while collecting coins along the way. Survival mode is a race against time. The player has to destroy all the buildings before they run out of time or their health runs out.

Survivor Mode

In Survivor mode, a player must stay alive for as long as possible. The game starts with two lives; if you make it to the next level, you’ll get one more life. If a player dies, they must start from the beginning of the level with only two lives again. Players can also earn an extra life by collecting 20 coins in a row without dying.

The goal is to be the last one standing. You will encounter plenty of enemies along the way that wants to take your life away. Luckily you have weapons such as guns and grenades at your disposal to help when things get tough. Six levels in this mode differ slightly in appearance, enemies, and terrain type, but they all have the same goal: Survive!

Local Versus Mode

In Local Versus Mode, players can play against their friends or family members. The game is great for playing on a single device but can be played using multiple devices simultaneously. I liked this mode because it reminded me of being back in my childhood and playing games with my siblings. It’s also a great way to keep your kids entertained without resorting to screen time which is always a plus!

Online Multiplayer

You can play Magic Rampage online with other players around the globe or your friends on social media. This function is a great source of entertainment and you don’t get bored while playing online.


The upgrades are what make the game so fun. There are three different categories of upgrades: being able to ride your dragon, upgrading your Armor, and upgrading your weapons. You can buy some upgrades with gold; others have to be found in chests scattered around the map. All promotions are worth it because they make the game much more enjoyable.


Magic Rampage Apk is a fun and engaging arcade game with decent content. Fans of classic arcade games, such as Galaga or Pac-Man, will find a lot to enjoy here. The gameplay does get repetitive after a while. There are some bugs, but for the most part, it is worth checking out if you’re looking for an entertaining time waster that doesn’t require too much thought to play.

Magic Rampage Mod Apk

Magic Rampage Apk is free on Google Play, but you must purchase upgrades and items from within the game for $1 to $999. With upgrades and items, it becomes easier to enjoy the game than a free version. But if you can’t afford to pay $$ for the upgrades, we have a solution. Download Magic Rampage Mod Apk or Magic Rampage Hack from our website, and you’ll get everything unlocked free.

Features of Magic Rampage Unlimited Gems

Magic Rampage Mod Apk is the modified version of Magic Rampage Apk. It has all the features of a premium version. Some of them are listed below: –

βœ… Unlimited Money

βœ… All Heroes Unlocked

βœ… Withdraw Items in Rampage Mode

βœ… Purchase of Extra Items Unlocked

βœ… All Weapons Unlocked

βœ… Auto-aim

βœ… No Ads

βœ… Many more

FAQs on Magic Rampage Mod Apk

Is Magic Rampage Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes! Magic Rampage Mod is scanned by our team of experts for viruses. It is totally safe to download and play.

Can I play Magic Rampage Apk offline?

Sure! You can play Magic Rampage Mod Apk offline. You don’t internet to play this. You only need internet when you want to play online with other players.

How to get unlimited coins in Magic Rampage Vide Game?

You can get unlimited coins / money by downloading Magic Rampage Mod Apk from our website.

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What's new

βœ… Unlimited Money

βœ… All Heroes Unlocked

βœ… Withdraw Items in Rampage Mode

βœ… Purchase of Extra Items Unlocked

βœ… All Weapons Unlocked

βœ… Auto-aim

βœ… No Ads

βœ… Many more



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