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The ship sank into the sea after hitting a storm and you are the only survivor awakened in a lifeboat. Keep an eye on life stats such as hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources for crafting, create weapons for hunt and use whatever you have at hand. Expand your boat to build larger shelter and defeat sea intruders to your boat day and night. After all people can do anything to survive!
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Oct 03, 2022
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Ocean Survival android action game is a highly addictive and entertaining game that helps you escape from the enemy’s ship on which you have been held captive. The game begins with an excellent introduction video, which will give you an overview of the game.

The Ocean Survival android action game has been designed by Candy Mobile, an independent company that creates mobile games and apps for Android phones and tablets. This company has made some wonderful games, such as Candy Crush Saga, Wartune, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and many more.



Ocean Survival mod apk game consists of a man stranded in the middle of the ocean after a plane crash. His only priority is to survive and get back to his family.

The main character is a shipwreck survivor who lost his home and family. To survive in the big and dangerous ocean, he needs to overcome many tasks. Players will have an opportunity to experience a survivor’s life under challenging conditions who doesn’t have food or water.

The player has to go through the ocean, overcome obstacles and try to survive under challenging conditions.

You can find several ways to explore the ocean’s vast depths to get out. Gather resources, hunt for food, and build subs to help you get back home.

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You can also find treasure chests along with other valuable items that will help you on your journey to survival.

Ocean Survival mod apk game offers various locations with their own tasks and difficulties. Players will have an opportunity to use various means for hunting, crafting, building shelters, and gathering resources.

There are dozens of objects for crafting and building that can help you survive in the harsh environment of the ocean.

The developers have prepared a lot of content for players – from simple resources that can be found on islands to rare items hidden deep underwater.

In this adventure-filled simulator game, apart from fending off sharks with your trusty harpoon gun, it is also important to keep yourself fed and hydrated with whatever sea life that swims around your raft and collect water with your rain catcher.


Ocean Survival mod apk game features three modes:

Exploration, Adventure, and Endless. 

In Exploration mode, you will be able to explore the seas freely until you find some help.

You will have to complete specific missions in Adventure mode before finishing the game.

And in Endless mode, you will be playing until death.



The game-play is very simple; you have to collect from islands, fish from your boat, or dive deep into the ocean. There are many different types of fish you can catch and cook for food.

The main feature of the Ocean Survival mod apk is that you have to explore the ocean in the search for food, resources, and tools for survival. You can also see the weather changes, like stormy weather or clear skies.

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Ocean Survival MOD APK has simple controls. Just tap and hold anywhere on the screen to move in that direction while tapping attacks enemies (if there are any).


You can build your own house using wood, stone, and other resources you find on your journey through the ocean. You can also build a raft to get around faster, or even build a ship if you want to travel across oceans!


Ocean Survival mod apk game has been optimized for mobile devices so players can enjoy it on their phones without having any problems with lag or bugs.


There are three different types of boats to choose from in the Ocean Survival mod apk game:

⭕Rafts, Ships, and Canoes

Each boat has its own set of stats, including speed, fuel capacity, and durability. The rafts are the slowest, but they have good fuel capacity.

While ships are fast with poor fuel capacity, they have better durability than rafts or canoes, making them last longer before sinking or capsizing due to collisions with other boats on the water.

You can buy these boats with coins earned through game-play or through microtransactions within the game itself.


The graphics in the Ocean Survival mod apk game are 3D and very detailed, which makes it feel like you’re playing a real-life version of Ocean Survival rather than just an app on your phone or tablet device!


The best part about Ocean Survival 3D is that it does not have any ads. This makes it a perfect choice for those who do not want to be distracted by advertisements while playing this game. You do not have to worry about pop-ups or banners because there are no ads in this game.


The game also has a crafting system that allows various tools and weapons creation.

You can build boats to sail across the ocean, and create weapons to defend yourself from sharks and other dangers of the ocean.


You can collect resources from the sea and craft items and weapons for your survival.


You can explore a vast open world and discover mysterious things in the ocean’s depths.


You can play with your friends in a cooperative mode.


Amazing 3D graphics with realistic water shaders, underwater plants, sea animals, native villages, and ancient ruins!

New beautiful islands to discover!

Many shipwrecks to explore and loot!

New survival items, weapons, and tools!

Unique ocean blocks to build your undersea home!

Better Skins for your character!

Scary underwater mobs: Giant Squid, Megalodon Shark, Sea Turtle, and even more!

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✅Mod info:✅

★All items in store can be purchased without coins
★Ads Removed
★Original Signature Changed
★Debug Info Removed



Ocean Survival mod apk is an entertaining action game with simple graphics and game-play similar to Minecraft. Plus, it’s perfect for playing in short bursts.

Ocean Survival MOD APK is a fun android action game with cute graphics and engaging game-play. If you don’t want to play hardcore survival games like Last Day on Earth: Survival and prefer casual experiences, this title might be what you need.


What is the “Ocean Survival” mod apk android game?

Ocean Survival mod apk is an action-adventure game where you become a shipwrecked guy on a desert island. You will have to survive on your own and find a way to escape from there.

How to play Ocean Survival mod apk Game?

The game is based on the survival simulator in the ocean, so you need to survive at any cost. You will have to get food, water, and other necessary things, fight sharks and other dangerous animals. You will have to do everything that a person might need on a desert island.

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Where can I download the Ocean Survival Mod apk game?

You can download this game on the official websites of Google Play and the App Store. The developers regularly update the game and fix errors; therefore, if you find any bugs or errors while playing Ocean Survival, you should immediately contact the developers and inform them about it. They will fix it as soon as possible.

The modded version can be downloaded from our site.

What are the system requirements for the Ocean Survival Mod apk?

To start playing this game, you need:

Android 4.1 or higher;

iOS 9.0 or later;

4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended;

HDD space – at least 15 GB (SSD recommended)

What are the controls for the Ocean Survival Mod apk?

The left part of the screen is used to steer your raft, while the right is used to navigate your raft. Players can tap on the right part of the screen to move the raft forward and avoid obstacles.

How can I get more gold coins in Ocean Survival Mod Apk?

In addition to regular game play, players can also receive daily bonuses, including gold coins, by logging into the game daily.

I’m stuck and cannot continue. What do I do?

You will have to purchase a shield to continue playing. This is a survival game, after all!

How do I unlock new rafts or upgrade them?

You will need to collect stars and gold coins to unlock new rafts or upgrade them. You can also use real money if you are willing to spend it.

How to create a boat in Ocean Survival?

Just place four blocks of wood together, then place wood in the boat’s center to close it.

How to use a map?

You can either tap on the directional arrows on the left side of the screen or drag your finger in the direction you want to move.

I had some resources, but now they are gone; how can this happen?

If you die, your resources will be lost. However, if you had some food stored in your backpack and died from hunger, that food would not be lost.

How do I fix leaking boats?

It would be best to repair them by placing planks on top of them. Just drag a plank over a boat, and they will automatically fix themselves.

I kept sinking after I created my boat! What am I doing wrong?

Make sure your boat doesn’t have any leaks! You can see if there is a leak by looking for water droplets coming out of your boat (they are visible). If you don’t spot any leaks but still keep sinking, make sure there isn’t something making holes in your boat (like fire).

What's new

Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.


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