Sky: Children of the Light APK

Sky: Children of the Light APK is an amazing role-playing and puzzle game crafted by the talented developers at thatgamecompany, the creators behind renowned titles like Journey and Flower.
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Aug 10, 2023
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Sky: Children of the Light APK


Sky: Children of the Light APK is an amazing role-playing and puzzle game crafted by the talented developers at thatgamecompany, the creators behind renowned titles like Journey and Flower.
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Unveiling a Tranquil Social Adventure:

From the minds that brought you Journey and Flower, comes a serene social escapade that promises to fill your hearts with warmth – introducing Sky: Children of the Light.

A Glimpse into Sky’s Universe

Once upon a time, our light shone boundlessly as the stars united in brilliance. But then, darkness emerged, causing the stars to descend and form a new abode among the clouds. Time slipped away, and now the moment has come to bring back our fallen stars. Are you ready, Child of the Light? Your grand adventure starts now.

Step into the Enchanting Realms

Prepare to be enchanted by the wondrous realm of Sky, a beautifully animated kingdom awaiting your exploration alongside your dear ones. Spirits, each with their own tales, will guide you through the tranquil world spanning across seven distinct realms. To aid your journey, you must embrace compassion for humanity, a timeless sense of wonder, and the inner light that guides your path.

Budding Friendships in a Vast MMORPG World:

Venture into an open, serene MMORPG world where you can encounter fellow players and team up to unveil the mysteries that Sky holds. Together, you’ll experience the marvels scattered across the vast expanse of Sky. Join forces to brave the depths of darker realms, rescue spirits, and unearth ancient treasures. Everywhere you go, radiate light and positivity. Prepare to join hands with adventurers from around the globe in an unending expedition. Sky stands as an ever-expanding open realm, brimming with new territories and seasonal marvels.

Radiant Heroes of Light:

As inhabitants of Sky, we arrive as the Children of the Light, carrying hope and illumination to the desolate kingdom. Our mission: to return the fallen Stars to their celestial abodes within the constellations.

Exploring Sky’s Remarkable Features

1. A Journey through Dreamlike Realms: Unlocking the Starry Mysteries

Traverse seven captivating realms and unravel the enigma of the stars.

Delight in a positive and serene MMORPG experience that transcends time.

Roam the world to rescue spirits in each constellation, setting them free.

Embark on an epic tale of reuniting lost stars with their rightful homes.

Encounter fresh characters and unveil unique stories with every adventure, season, and event.

2. The Power of Unity: Forging Authentic Human Connections

Team up with friends to safeguard the spirits of the Sky realm.

Embark on thrilling escapades with your companions or forge new friendships online across the globe.

Join forces to explore the depths of darker realms, unearthing ancient treasures.

Cultivate new bonds as you cross paths with friendly players, sharing delightful expressions.

Illuminate your bonds by gifting candles of light, nurturing friendships across realms.

3. A World of Endless Wonder: Embracing the Open Realm

Immerse yourself in a continually expanding world featuring upcoming attractions, seasonal festivities, and expanding territories.

Experience the uplifting joy of this social MMORPG adventure, sure to warm your heart.

Roam the open world solo or embark on shared adventures with friends, savoring the splendor of Sky.
You can download it from Google play here

4. Unveil the Potential Within: Elevate Your Children of Light

Acquire valuable items like Winged Light to aid your exploration of Sky’s boundless universe.

Progress and express your unique self through your character, embracing distinctive customizations.

Unleash your creativity by personalizing your appearance, from hairstyles to clothing color schemes and beyond.


Step into the enchanting realm of Sky and uncover the mysteries, friendships, and radiant stories that await. Join the Children of the Light on an eternal voyage, radiating hope and positivity as you bring fallen stars back to their celestial constellations.

What's new

  • Enchanting 7 Realms Exploration
  • Positive MMORPG Adventure
  • Deep Friendship Building
  • Expansive Open World
  • Personalized Character Expression



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