Sonic Forces Mod Apk Latest v (God Mode / High Speed / Mod Menu)


Sonic Forces was announced in May 2017, at the same time that they announced Sonic Mania, which came out in August of this year. Itโ€™s been quite a while since weโ€™ve had new Sonic games, especially on mobile devices, so this release has many fans of the blue hedgehog excited to see what SEGA has up its sleeve with this newest installment in the series. Will it live up to its predecessors? Thatโ€™s what weโ€™re here to find out!
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Sonic Forces Mod Apk Latest (God Mode / High Speed / Mod Menu)

Sonic Forces was announced in May 2017, at the same time that they announced Sonic Mania, which came out in August of this year. Itโ€™s been quite a while since weโ€™ve had new Sonic games, especially on mobile devices, so this release has many fans of the blue hedgehog excited to see what SEGA has up its sleeve with this newest installment in the series. Will it live up to its predecessors? Thatโ€™s what weโ€™re here to find out!

The popularity of this game can be guessed by the figures that it has been dowloaded from Google Playstore more than 50 million times.

Sonic Forces Apk

Everyone knows Sonic, but not many people know how to find Sonic Forces Apk. Sonic is a popular gaming character who has been around for over 25 years and counting. In this game, he must battle an evil robot army that is trying to take control of the world using powerful weapons and robots. Players will have to complete missions by defeating enemies as well as solving puzzles to free their friends from captivity.

It’s well known that Sonic Forces is the best racing game. Sonic the Hedgehog has been famous since our childhood. After years away, Sonic is back with another racing game. It never disappoints us with its high-quality games. In addition to its series of games, sonic wins over people with its game of racing known as Sonic Forces. The game allows you to compete with your friends all around the world. It has a whopping 38 distinct playable characters, and you can make a custom character that looks like you as well. The game is very user-friendly. The object of the game is to jump the obstacles and collect gold coins.

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Sonic Forces Mod Apk 2

Different No. of Characters

As everyone knows, the main character in the Sonic Forces Mod Apk is Sonic, the speed hedgehog. However, many characters within the Sonic series are equally popular. There are many different characters you can choose from for your races, as the game offers a wide variety of characters that range from appearance to skill and parameters. Play styles can be shaped using the unique strengths of each character that these characters offer.

You can also unlock new characters in the Sonic Forces Mod Apk to play with as you progress through races. Every character has its unique abilities and strengths, which is why they are so popular with gamers. Some of these skills include shooting lasers, dual-wielding weapons, super speed, telekinesis, and many more. Each character has a unique ability set that makes them valuable when it comes to racing.

Amazing Gameplay

Create a play style in the Sonic Forces Mod Apk that sets you apart, find and collect all the loot, beat a difficult series of obstacles, and win. Once you do that, take your earnings to customize and outfit your character to make your character’s adventure better. Turning the strengths of your created avatar into something unique allows you to conquer every opponent you race against.

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Engage in a variety of storylines and develop diverse characters for your plays to keep your production interesting. The game is available for free at several high-quality free sites and can be downloaded from those. You see, it is also the case with graphics and images, which can be found anywhere you happen to be.

Benefit in the Battle of Race

You don’t only race against the other characters in the Sonic Forces Mod Apk; there are vantage points scattered across your race track, giving you advantages when you hit them if you are sharp enough to collect them. The bonus features of the game include bonus items, the most significant being boosters that accelerate you to enable you to maintain a larger distance or shorter distance with other players during the race in the Sonic Forces Mod Apk.

Throughout gameplay, try to always maintain a high level of focus and a degree of agility to quickly spot and act upon an advantageous moment and use it to move closer to victory. A true champion needs not only brute strength but also needs to have a certain degree of foresight and decisiveness to snatch up any and every opportunity presented. Therefore, it is important to stay well-trained to become a champion in all races in the Sonic Forces Mod Apk.

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Ultimate Graphics and Sounds

In Sonic Forces Mod Apk mobile version, you can view 3D graphics. The graphics are not comparable to the P.C version, but they are amazing in comparison to other games. There are beautiful colors in this game. The playing scene is especially attractive because of the colors. As a background sound, the sound of sonic forces is filled with adventure. A good sound motivates you to play games, and the sound of sonic forces is similar to this. You hear beautiful sounds when you get gold coins, when you get shot by bullets, when you speed up, etc. Every sound in this Sonic Forces Mod Apk is realistic and energizes you to play.

Game Modes

The Sonic Forces Mod Apk has a wide variety of game modes to choose from. The player can choose from a story mode, which follows the story of Sonic and his friends as they try to save the world from Dr. Eggman’s latest plan. There is also an online multiplayer mode where players can battle with other players in different modes like Ring Battle, Tag Team Race, and Item Battle.

In the Sonic Forces Mod Apk each game mode provides a variety of different challenges for players to complete. The Ring Battle and Tag Team Race modes have you battling with other players online to collect rings in a limited period. In Item Battle, each player has an inventory full of items that they can use against their opponents. Players attempt to collect all six Chaos Emeralds in both story and multiplayer modes.

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Sonic Forces Mod Apk

Gold coins are collected in Sonic Force, and once you have earned them, you can spend them on whatever you want. Those who want everything unlocked and unlimited coins in the game can download the sonic force Mod APK version. This version unlocks everything and gives you unlimited coins. Also, you can upgrade your characters freely without worrying about coins.

Sonic Forces Apk is available for download on Google Playstore but you have to pay $5 to download it. Besides, you have to purchase some items from the in-app store which cost you more than $2 per item. To avoid paying such costs, we offer a solution. Download Sonic Forces Mod Apk from our website. It has everything unlocked for you at no cost.

Features of Sonic Forces Mod Apk

There are the following features of Sonic Forces Mod Apk,

  • High Speed
  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • Unlocked All Characters
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All premium Features Unlocked
  • Free From Ads
  • Everything Unlocked


In Sonic Forces, players should speed up their lives by avoiding obstacles and collecting household items, similar to the popular Endless Runner games such as Temple Run. The difference with Sonic Forces, however, is that you will have to compete in the world against other players in proper time, which promises to be quite intense.

The 3D graphics in Sonic Forces keep the original look of the original characters, allowing gamers to relive their childhoods while playing the game.

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๐Ÿ… High Speed

๐Ÿ… Mod Menu

๐Ÿ… God Mode

๐Ÿ… Unlocked All Characters

๐Ÿ… Unlimited Coins

๐Ÿ… All premium Features Unlocked

๐Ÿ… Free From Ads

๐Ÿ… Everything Unlocked



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