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Find torrents and download them directly to your phone or tablet, AD-FREE, with the official uTorrent® Pro app for Android -- now with battery saving and auto-shutdown features.
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April 11, 2022
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uTorrent is one of the best and most popular BitTorrent clients out there. Basic version has limited features and the uTorrent Pro APK is paid. So download uTorrent Pro MOD APK. It was designed to be easy to use, yet powerful at the same time and has evolved into quite a capable tool that can handle multiple torrents simultaneously and even download from encrypted .torrent files. However, due to how useful it is and how many new features it received over the years, it now costs $4.95 per month as opposed to being freeware like most other BitTorrent clients out there – do you get your money’s worth with uTorrent Pro?

uTorrent Basic vs. uTorrent Pro

What’s The Difference? This post will explain what’s included in uTorrent Basic and what you get with a pro subscription. Is it worth upgrading to Pro? Let’s dive in. You may have heard of BitTorrent or uTorrent, but are unsure of what they are or how they work. You might have also heard that there’s a paid version called uTorrent Pro, but aren’t sure if you need it or not… Well, let me answer your questions by explaining exactly what each version includes and why you might want to upgrade.

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But what are BitTorrent and uTorrent, anyway? These are both peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing applications. You’ve probably heard of other popular P2P apps like Napster or Spotify, but these ones allow you to share files directly with one another instead of connecting through a central server. Basically, all you need to do is download an application to your computer or mobile device, and then use it to connect directly with other users around the world.

uTorrent Pro Mod Apk (A Comprehensive Guide)

If you are a fan of torrenting, then you probably already know how to download torrents using uTorrent or some other free or paid torrent client. Today, we’re going to take it one step further and show you how to download torrents with uTorrent Pro APK Mod, which gives you unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth, and no ads! Let’s get started!

Everything you need to know about uTorrent Pro MOD APK

While searching for torrents, you may have come across a uTorrent Pro MOD APK and wondered whether or not it was safe to download. This guide has all you need to know about uTorrent Pro mod apk. We have made sure to include all details required by our readers so that they can make an informed decision before downloading the software.

The uTorrent app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. This guide will focus on everything you need to know about uTorrent pro apk for Android users. Let’s first take a look at how safe it is to download from third-party sources.

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The uTorrent app is a torrent client for Android devices. The original app for Android is available on Google Play Store, and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. This means that it’s safe to use, as long as you download it from Google Play. If you search for uTorrent Pro MOD APK on third-party websites, then there are chances of downloading a malicious version of the app. Such versions may contain malware or may not function properly. If you want to download uTorrent Pro MOD APK without spending money, then there are ways in which you can do so legally. We have compiled all details in our guide below:

We have also made sure to include information about how to install uTorrent pro mod apk files manually. If you are interested in installing a third-party version of uTorrent, then we suggest that you download the uTorrent Pro MOD APK from our website.

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Features of uTorrent Pro MOD APK

You might be aware of that uTorrent is one of most popular and widely used torrent downloading application available today. It has an enormous fan following across all age groups, as it is loved by both – professional and newbie users. The reason why so many users prefer uTorrent to other torrent apps is because of its slick UI which makes downloading process very easy. It also comes with many advanced features like bandwidth scheduler, speed limiters, custom skins and several others. But still, there are some limitations in free version of uTorrent app which can be removed only after installing pro version. If you want to unlock these limitations then you need to install uTorrent pro mod apk on your Android device. uTorrent Pro MOD APK has following main features: –

  1. Download movies and TV shows
  2. Download games
  3. Vast Variety of Content
  4. Fast and Secure
  5. No Downloading Limits
  6. Built-in Music and Video Players
  7. No Ads
  8. Auto Close Feature
  9. Battery Saver
  10. Download Over Wi-Fi only mode
  11. Multi-lingual Supported

Now we are going to describe each feature below. While you read on, download Subway Surfers MOD APK

Download movies and TV shows

Torrenting is a powerful tool for downloading movies and TV shows quickly and anonymously, but it’s also fraught with potential danger. So be careful! Here are our top tips for torrenting safely Use a VPN. When you download via BitTorrent, your IP address and activity can be seen by anyone who cares to look (including your ISP). A VPN will hide your activity from everyone including your ISP. It also encrypts all of your traffic so no one can see what you’re up to or who you’re talking to. We recommend ExpressVPN – an all-around great service that has servers in more than 90 countries around the world. If you are fond of using Netflix but can’t afford to get paid, download Netflix Premium MOD APK

Download games

Torrent downloading is a popular method for file sharing, but it’s also used to download different types of files, such as games. Many games are only available through torrents. This is convenient because you don’t have to wait for a company to distribute and sell a game before you can play it; instead, you can just download it on your own schedule. If that sounds appealing, there are some ways to ensure your gaming experience goes smoothly. Here’s how to do that

Vast Variety of Content

The vast majority of content that is shared on uTorrent Pro MOD APK is from music, television shows, and films. The content which you are more likely to find will be things like a new album from your favorite artist, an episode of your favorite TV show, or even a movie that was released in theaters but has not yet been made available to purchase or rent in stores. It’s important to understand that with uTorrent Pro MOD APK, any content you download could be copyrighted or potentially illegal material.

Fast and Secure

This application works extremely quickly and never gives you long to wait before the content you want to watch is there. No matter what process is involved, it still works smoothly. All you need is a strong internet connection and a device which will allow you to download this app in order to view video content of your choosing.

No Downloading Limits

As one of most popular torrent clients, uTorrent is installed on more than 400 million computers. And it’s easy to see why: It’s user-friendly and is incredibly lightweight. But not everyone knows that uTorrent has a Pro Mode which unlocks special features for power users, including an ad blocker and access to an encrypted chat channel where users can share tips with other seasoned internet veterans. There are also some handy tricks you can use while downloading files that make your download experience much smoother. For example, if you have a large file you want to download but don’t have time to do so right now, try setting up a watch folder in uTorrent and set it up so that when new files are added to your watch folder they automatically start downloading as well. This way you don’t have to worry about manually starting downloads later on!

Built-in Music and Video Players

With built-in video and music players, the application will play your downloaded content from inside the app, without even having to step out to the App Store to find what you want to play.

No Ads

This is by far one of my favorite features about uTorrent Pro MOD APK, and although it might seem insignificant to some, it will save you so much time. With ads enabled on torrent sites, there’s always a small amount of time between clicking a torrent file and actually downloading that file – usually 5 seconds or less. If you download files frequently, then these seemingly short seconds can add up to 10-15 minutes over time. Downloading files is already fast with uTorrent Pro MOD APK, but removing ads makes it even faster! You also don’t have to worry about being tracked when using BitTorrent since your IP address isn’t exposed when using uTorrent Pro MOD APK.

Auto Close Feature

This application has an auto close feature that automatically closes the app when it’s not in use. It does this to extend your battery life.

Battery Saver

It lets you schedule your downloads so that they don’t happen in standby mode, even if you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. As a result, it preserves a larger amount of battery juice. It is especially handy when combined with its auto-stop feature. It automatically stops torrents once they are completed or once your phone/tablet goes into standby mode, as well as options to stop/pause individual torrents that you set up on a separate page.

Download Over Wi-Fi only mode

UTorrent Pro mod allows you to download only over Wi-Fi. This is useful if you are using a limited or metered connection, but still want to use uTorrent on your mobile device when there’s no Wi-Fi available.

Multi-lingual Supported

The uTorrent mod apk is available in two versions. The default version is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German language. However, we are going to tell you how to download an additional language pack that provides support for over 10 different languages including Chinese, Dutch, Turkish and Greek. Keep reading!

The first step toward installing a multi-lingual supported version of uTorrent mod APK is making sure that your phone has Unknown Sources enabled in its Settings. To do so, go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources if it isn’t already activated. You can now download an additional language pack from our website by clicking here.

After you have downloaded a language pack, tap on it to install it. A notification will appear once installation is complete, asking you to restart uTorrent app in order for changes to take effect. Tap on OK and start downloading torrents with ease!


uTorrent Pro MOD APK is a treat to download on your Android devices to get all those movies and shows that you cannot watch for free. There is no better option than uTorrent for those users who do not want to pay for getting all the games and movies available at a premium cost. This app is free, safe, and does offer some nifty features if you choose to upgrade to the premium version. All that’s up to you.

Feel free to give us any comments you have in the comment section. We await your response with bated breath.


Q: Is uTorrent Pro MOD APK safe to download?

A: Yes of course. uTorrent Pro MOD APK is absolutely safe to download. Our team frequently scans mods for viruses. So download and use without hesitation.

Q: What does uTorrent Pro MOD APK give you?

A: With uTorrent Pro APK, you go ads-free and get an important layer of security to ensure your torrent PC downloads are safe.

Q: Is uTorrent Pro MOD APK free?

A: uTorrent Pro APK is the paid version of uTorrent classic, with a price tag of $19.95 per year. But the uTorrent Pro MOD APK downloaded from our website is completely free of cost.

What's new

✔ Beautifully light, clean design
✔ Wifi-only mode to save on mobile data
✔ No speed limits and no size limits
✔ Easy access to your media with integrated music and video libraries
✔ Select files to download within a torrent to minimize your storage footprint


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